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You’re cute ❤❤




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I have arrived to London, and the city is absolutely lovely, I am so inspired in many ways from fashion to ideas in business. I have learned more being here then in my history classroom. I am definitely thinking about moving here or maybe just study here for a semester or two. It is really expensive though, I spent more money than I thought I would. People drive really crazy here and I almost died crossing the street. Accents are amazing! Did you know they call french fries, chips? So it has it’s pros (fashion, love, accents) but it definitely has enough cons for me to be able to say I like it in America. No offense but it is my home sweet home. I will definitely be coming here more often and maybe ill visit Paris while I’m at it.




A cool print that originated from Scotland. This print appeared during fashion week in tweeds, purses, skirts etc. wear it as a sophisticated casual look this spring or anytime of the year. I remember this print when I was kid when my mother wore it. It’s one of those styles that die and revive. Even though this style might just be a phase, it is a good print to have available. To be able to wear this print you have to be able to not overdue it and for spring you can pair it with those bright neons. – Mahauttie

Oxblood and Lace ❤


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Oxblood the color that came out of fall and became the color of the season. The color is feminine yet has an edgy element to it. I feel like all the edgy looks have been coming into style. But I Love It! From the studded platforms and the crop tops. Back to Oxblood this color is not about oxen but it is about our blood when it is exposed to oxygen it turns to this dark red. So it’s like we are wearing the color of our blood but anyways the color is amazing and look out for this color when you shop for those skater skirts and blazers/jackets. There are many sites where you can find this trend such as topshop and nastygal. I put together this outfit as an example on how you can wear the color, casually day or night.

Links: – croptop -skirt -booties -clutch

The lace look is a very elegant look, we have all seen it and it has been around mainly since forever. Lately it has been making its way towards our wardrobe, beside those intimates, in everything. The little lace details in our clothing can make all the difference. Even buy your lace with that oxblood color. 😉


Spring 2013


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A few fashion trends that caught my eye for Spring 2013.

Many designers added some metallics and sequins to their pencil skirts and dresses. I love this look because you can wear it and it doesn’t need much to accentuate the look with jewelry or crazy shoes. It really is a great look and can be worn pretty much any time during the year. But this spring, this look seemed to inspire many designers and inspired me. I suggest when looking out for this style avoid any gaudy looking sequins and more for accented sequins that give off this metallic look.

This spring the sexy 60’s look is so in! And it is about time! It is cute and Cara Delevingne can really work it. We all know and love the time of the Beatles and the rocking sweet style of short hair, thick eyelashes and miniskirts. When you go out for spring shopping keep in mind this 60’s look.

NEON, NEON, NEON get your neons out and wear it because the styles are better than ever this year.

The classy pencil skirt is back and it is worn as a cool street style this year. You can thank Christian Dior for inventing this in the 1940s. A style that has been revolutionized from elegant to sporty. This look can be worn with just about anything, so this spring make sure you strut those long legs in that long pencil skirt. Small tip, for an evening out, keep the hair and makeup simple and bring all the attention to that body.

Over The Knee-High Boots <3


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I can’t bother but notice that these models can make these over the knee high boots look very appealing. I have to say, my thoughts on over the knee high boots were doubtful. When I think of these boots, I think of strippers. I guess that was an erroneous assertion. Even though these boots look absolutely gorgeous on these girls I can’t help but feel maybe its the fact that they are models. Models are the perfect image. But don’t let that intimidate you, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Yet, there is something about these boots that are so sexy. I love that feeling when you put on something and it makes you FEEL BEAUTIFUL.

So this style is so in if you work it right. Over the knee high boots go with just about anything but in my opinion avoid a skater skirt or any flared skirt. Also, avoid showing skin above the knee high boots and try pairing them with some tights instead (solid not fish net 😉 this will help make the boots look more sophisticated with your outfit. These were some thoughts from Mahauttie, wear what makes you FEEL BEAUTIFUL.

– Mahauttie